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One question that popped up yesterday was pretty interesting: What state do the Simpsons live in? in that episode he has to chose between heading to cincinatti(which is in ohio) or a nude beach. ;) Name another episode where they mention Ohio or lead you to believe thats its in Ohio... Tantalizingly, in the "Behind the Laughter" episode, the Simpsons are referred to as "a northern Kentucky family." The Simpsons Archive, however, explains that this episode treats the family as sitcom actors playing the parts of characters living outside the Springfield universe, and "really shouldn't be taken seriously." Plus, the location was actually changed in reruns. Former Simpsons director David Silverman once said the show was set in the fictional state of North Takoma. Ever hear of Torrentspy, Bittorrent, Torrentbox, or Roboto Labs? UNTIL i started reading the citie's they performed it n each state and springfield illonois has been performing the death pentalty since 1818 and it is the only srpingfield listed......maybee this leads nowhere but im pretty happy with what i found David Silverman-former director of the simpsons series- said they lived in the fictional state of North Takoma.

A great thing about it is that all questions are available via RSS so you can look questions and answers in your personal RSS reader (I use Sage and Google Homepage). AND the start position of the map was at the mouth of the f*&king housatonic river and Long Island Sound. but when you look at other clues, there is the episode where homer does his cannonball act. Considering the enormous number of place names and geographical features referenced, this requires Ph. Many believe the show is set in Oregon, as creator Matt Groening grew up in Portland and many of the characters share names with that city's streets. However the "Big City" is Chicago, aka The REAL Capital. O-Hiya Maude", so I thought maybe Ohio, but I am guessing judging from what was said about Shelbyville and Springfield that Missouri is a good guess, but my thought is still Conneticut... ok i checked the states that allow the death pentalty and there are 34 states so i thought id never get it ...

Well, have just saw a repeat of the episode where Homer, Moe and Barney join the navy, and command a sub (on the chart shown) Homer hits the comapss on the map then heads into Russian waters, after leaving obviously the west coast of the states, where Springfield Harbour was shown to be located. Good Ol' Connecticut (bridgeport area actually) so groening has some attraction to Connecticut, at least in my opinion anyways. there are also several other clues leading to ohio such as: springfield being a city in ohio, and ohio having a nuclear reactor. There really arent any, except when marge says "Springfield, Oh HI ya Maude"... I've given several promising leads to my conclusion.. On the phone with Vincent Price's recorded message, She didn't say "Springfield, Ohio".. In a 2004 Austin Chronicle article, a publicist for the show comments: "Matt had the Simpsons live in Springfield because it was the most common city name in the U. The writers 'toy' with the state location constantly, (thus) there is no specified state...." the clue is from the writer not the director the closest nuclear reactor to the state of Oregon is probably in S. Washington if the writer grew up around Portland he might have modeled the town after tri-cities WA. They didnt say that they currently lived in Northern Kentucky..... In the episode where homer gets his license suspended for driving barney home while drunk from the brewry, freze frame the scene where the judge looks at his license and for a split second, you see he lives in Springfeild NT.

I can't remember the episode but there's this one time where they zoom out over springfield and all you see is land. In the episode when Homer becomes the garbage man there are garbage trucks in the background shuvaling the waste under ground and the trucks going by clearly say CHICAGO in black writing! They had to cross from Springfield into Shelbyville. Very quickly done and quite interesting to note how they name the state - perhaps the writers etc knew? I think they live in Missouri because they seem go to branson on a bus to find grandpa in one episode.

Shame I can't remember it exactly but I remember that it meant a big inconsistency. don't want us to ever find out so I sort of gave up. there is a town in Connecticut w/ a nuclear power plant, off of 95, and next to Flanders (niantic) CT... Well i looked on a map and it appears that a Shelbyville borders Springfield in the state of Missouri. Also capital city could be reffering to Jefferson city. Grandpa says ill be deep in the cold ground before i acknowledge missouri Homer starts Springshield Security and in the TV ad he made for it the phone number is has a 636 area code.636 area code is Missouri.

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Are there numerous calls to numbers you don’t recognize, especially at odd hours of the day or night? Or, if you have a history of cheating, why hasn’t she dumped you? Snooping your phone while you are in SURGERY, instead of, say, praying for you or waiting for you to get better is just CREEPY. CLEARLY none of you who say just leave have never been in the position where a relationship you’ve been in for 10 years went from good to stale to just f***ed up. And closure and catching him in the act or being flat out wrong is the only way I will get that.

Before crawling through their personal information, we advise consulting an attorney to ensure any electronic-eavesdropping or hacking laws aren't violated—if things get ugly, you don’t want that hanging over your head.

And, of course, be prepared to deal with the fallout should your spouse catch you snooping.

You can’t turn on the news or open a newspaper without seeing a story about Tiger Woods’s family issues—along with salacious text messages and voicemails that he supposedly sent to his alleged mistresses. There have been many high-profile divorce cases and scandals that came to light through damning evidence generated by or stored on personal tech devices.

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