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(Those don’t go together, I know.) Little did I know that Ruben was in Amway.He was what was called an IBO, or Independent Business Owner.Many people, whether they be Japanese or not, will tell you that online dating sites are “bad” and “dangerous.” My mom really doesn’t sit well with the idea of me using them.While the majority of the people I’ve talked to online were very normal (some just a little desperate but still normal), I did run into several incredibly strange and even scary situations: That last one is apparently more common than I thought it was. Among other things, the Rules are designed to ensure that all IBOs have the support that they need to continue to develop their IBs with Amway.

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Dateline and Chris Hanson did a year long investigation on Amway.

Chris Hanson compared them to a “old time revival” meeting and said the program was filled with false promises.

He called them “true believers” who found the “true path to success” and “wealth beyond their wildest dreams.” Watch for yourself: It’s creepy, right?

After I left Master’s Commission, I dated a guy named Ruben.

He was the kind of guy I dated to piss off my dad–Jehovah’s Witness, party animal, etc.