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The call was associated with a promise of extended influence over surrounding peoples.

The text links the destination with the land of Canaan of the earlier call and, without any details of the journey, next shows them arriving in Canaan with all their possessions (Gn. It will be noted that no emphasis is placed on the long-distant phases of the journeyings, the route taken or the method or time of travel. 30 km NW of Harran, as the starting point of the journey.[4] Even were the designation 'of the Chaldeans' taken to be a post-ninth-century erroneous explanatory note, Saggs' counter-arguments supporting the traditional S. He stresses that the tradition is firmly one of movement from the east of the R. 24:2-3) and that, in addition to the philological weakness of equating Ur with , it would be unlikely that a move eastwards, before retracing steps west toward Canaan, would need to be recorded.[5] In any event, this part of the long journey would have been through well-watered terrain.

The operator loads pebbles of every size into a hopper.

Metaphor time: you're standing in an asphalt plant.

No mention is made of any accompanying flocks until after the departure from Harran.

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However, pregnancy planning was not associated with improved compliance with preventive health care recommendations during gestation nor with infant outcomes.

Churches all over the world report a shortage of men in the pews – and it seems to be getting worse. One woman put it this way: "Well, about two thirds of the singles [at my church] are women, and the men who come are kinda wimpy. There's a reason they're single." So I'll ask the question you've probably asked a thousand times: Where are all the dynamic, single godly men? The more I study men and church, the more I'm convinced “B” is the more likely cause.

There are only two possible explanations for the lack of men in church – either A) men are more sinful than women, or B) there's something about the church that's driving men away.

Proportion comparison tests and stepwise logistic regression analyses were used to study the relationship between childbearing intentions, maternal behaviors, and pregnancy outcomes.

Regardless of age, adolescents who intended to become pregnant conceived in an objectively more hospitable and supportive childbearing milieu than those who conceived unintentionally.