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Does the best equation for finding love involve BEING (passively trusting you'll meet the right person) or DOING (actively seeking your match)? Marisa Cohen researches people’s perception of love. Meet Greg, he is going to share with you why men lie and what you can do about it. Do you ever feel like the days, the weeks, the months fly by, where does the time go? Here’s three reasons why online isn’t working for you. Kim compares dating from blisteringly painful to as comfortable as a pair of slippers. You meet a guy, you like him, but you are not sure if he is the right guy for you? Did you feel inadequately prepared for the world ahead of you? It really hurts when someone you love does not have the same degree of excitement about you as you do about them.

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“As I met men, I would find traits I liked about them and traits I didn’t like about them,” she writes.

- Our discussion includes: - - ways to transform and redefine your life at any moment Jessica J, a former therapist turned sex and dating coach and founder of Level Up Seduction, joins NOL to share tips for men on how to use dirty talk to really turn your woman on and keep her satisfied. She shares the 6 main ways to identify this type of difficult person via hallmark behaviors.

Examples include giving you the silent treatment, Los Angeles-based performing artist Colette Von joins the show this week to advocate owning your uniqueness and embracing your talents.

Texting has become a big part of communication and so many of us are confused about what to say in a text.

Orion believes that you can ignite and unleash your feminine...

Christine baumgartner dating coach