Dating berber men

I can relate a little bit because I've dated men separated from their wifes for about 5 years.

I could not figure out why those men were always attracted to me and the available ones weren't. I have met a very single Muslim Moroccan man that loves and respects me more than any man in my past relationships and we are to marry next month.

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I visited USA by myself as tourist and wanted to make friends online.

Race and religion play no part in this relationship.

He is using you and if you want something better, then get out.

Submitted by Lilia (Russia), Mar 29, 2013 at Don't have serious relationship with muslim guys.

I had experience and also know some girls who dated arab guys and I think that they are good only for fling, not for relationship. If you don't want anything serious have a good time with them, hang out, have romantic evenings, have sex, they are good at all of this.