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After achieving a strong measure of success with stand-up comedy, Garrett decided to change gears and try his luck with performing on TV.He was the voice of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan for the cartoon series , called "The Bottle Deposit", Garrett played a deranged auto mechanic who steals Jerry Seinfeld's car.

He attended UCLA for less than two months before dropping out to pursue his comedy career.

The motion pictures for which he’s usually understood are the subsequent ones: Discovering Nemo, The Amateurs, Evening at the Museum, Tangled, Gar-Field and Stuart Small 2.

Ergo, as the names of the films show, Brad Garrett is also referred to as a voiceover artist, that is another significant source of Brad Garrett web worth.

The series debuted September 13, 1996 and ran nine seasons.

Garrett has won three primetime Emmy awards, with three other nominations.