Dating eurogroup

There is certainly promising good news: economic growth in the past two years was much better than expected and growth is set to accelerate in the coming years.Unemployment is decreasing, though painfully slowly. The Greek government’s primary budget surplus well exceeded expectations and reached 3.9% of GDP in 2016.In those years we were a promising enterprise, created to offer a qualitatively competitive response in electrical systems', which was already showing broad prospects of development: this is why today we are called Eurogroup and we are leaders in the design and building of electrical and technological systems.A role gained in lot of time, thanks to an ongoing and unstoppable process of growth, which at first took us from a craft dimension to a wider one, and later projected us in the national and international scenario that made us become, in 1996, Eurogroup S.p. Since then, know-how, competence and professionalism, allowed us to get a large Customers' base that relies on our services since 50 years.To best meet the needs of Customers, through a punctual and professional service, it is our main objective and we want to assure it all over the world.From the historical site of Treviso and from the others Italians and foreign subsidiaries, we offer the Customer a wide range of advanced services, as evidenced by the numerous certifications acquired: since 1997 every year we renew the certification UNI EN ISO 9001 in order to promote a logic of continuous improvement.Athens believes the formula that is being promoted to get the Washington-based organization to join the Greek bailout will stipulate that it will not have to provide immediate funding.

We constantly strive to develop innovative sectors such as energy efficiency, renewable energy and automation of buildings, in addition to operating in the field of restructuring and maintenance of the systems with a specialized assistance service, available 24 hours on 24, every day . After the opening of the Italian branch of Udine and Belluno, therefore, Eurogroup founded in 2015 three new realities: Our service and product range is constantly evolving, as the markets we address.Finally, he said, a proposal must include specific measures that will boost growth.The government reckons that a growth-oriented agreement will prompt the International Monetary Fund to positively revise its projections on the Greek economy, reduce its demands with regard to the Greek program, and open the way for an agreement.Those measures were supposed to be specified toward the end of the programme, conditional on Greece implementing the programme conditions.The programme ends in only about a year from now and Greece is implementing it, so it is time to think about what will come after.