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All the lawsuits that kept popping up against John Travolta a few years ago highlighted an issue about in-room massage that massage therapists have long known -- that lots of people who order an in-room massage are hoping to have sex.These days most people that it's not a reasonable expectation.

Sometimes the hotel has its own spa but the guest would rather get a massage in their room.

The hotel is located at Airport Road, Nikunja 2, in Dhaka, Dhaka Zila, Dhaka Div, Bangladesh – see Dhaka map ».

Make sure email and call Host before visiting to provide the code we given; Only Hostel in DHAKA! 5) Clear and International Standard rules and policies maintained properly; 2. 1) Only for 100% Pure foreigner to stay; 2) Book online; 3) Email Host to activate your on-line booking once you booked online; 3) Final confirmation 24 hs before arrival by email from both side; Otherwise your booking may not be 100% ensured. Details process pls contact with Host after on-line booking. No-No: 1) Call Girl (Or call John) is STRICTLY forbidden; 2) Friends of our indoor visitors are only allowed to sit in sitting area; 3) Drugs or any illegal activities is STRICTLY forbidden; 4) Pet is not allowed to bring in; Visitor has to fully responsibility of his/her own behaviors as per local laws. Identification of visitors needed after on-line booking for security. Any information of Host is not allowed to used for Visa Application or Customs form(Other alternatives can be arranged if needed by Visitors). ' Call and pickup' Policy strictly followed at Dhaka Airport.

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