Dating violence troubled love

Did you know that February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month?

I had no idea until I saw someone talking about it, and I thought it would be more than worthwhile to talk a bit about why having a month of awareness of this topic is important, as well as offer some discussion fodder and a reading list of YA fiction that delves into teen dating violence.

Her parents, both educators, divorced in 2006 and shared custody of Lauren."... Tomo is a well-known guitarist and a professor at the Berklee College of Music in Boston."You know, Lauren became, pretty much, a member of the family," George Mattingly, Nathaniel's uncle, told Smith. Said Chloe, "Lauren would say, like, 'Nate's so cute. it was just not the same kid.""In the last couple years of high school, it was amazing how close we were, it was a tangible bond," said Genevieve.

she was always laughing and moving and doing something," said Dunne."She was very strong in soccer," Astley said, "then -- tennis, even though she was small.""She was tiny ... But Lauren had a big personality."She did have a lot of personality and she was incredibly honest," said friend Hannah Blahut."She was a really good friend. He was so, like, cute and fun last night.' And she'd -""-- or," Hannah interrupted, "'He was so boring, he was on his phone the whole time, I'm so annoyed, I'm over it.'""They started getting so chronically into fights," Dunne explained."And then it would be -- back together, broken up, back together, broken up."And then in the spring of senior year, on her 18th birthday, Lauren broke it off with Nathaniel for good."I think with what was the final breakup she felt some relief, life was somehow opening up along with college," said Astley. Nathaniel had been recruited to play football at Trinity College in Connecticut -- a childhood dream come true."I said, 'Well, man, you're -- you're going to Trinity to play football, aren't you excited? To celebrate their high school graduation, Lauren, Hannah and Chloe threw a big party.

In less than a year, One Love has brought its programming – whether the Escalation workshop, the #Thats Not Love campaign, or the Yards for Yeardley community event – to nearly 400 colleges and 150 high schools throughout the United States.

Team One Love clubs are developing on campuses across the nation, proving that this generation is ready to lead the social movement to end relationship violence once and for all.

These numbers were reported in a survey separate from the one above, so considered separately and considered together, those numbers are frightening.

When teens begin to date, it can be an exciting time.

However, not all dating relationships are good ones.

Friends Genevieve Flynn and Chloe Jacques were paralyzed with fear."...

Astley had done what no father should ever have to do: identify the body of his first and only child.