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He firmly believes the gangster genre is best served British and is vehemently flying the flag for independent British filmmaking “I love crime drama and am passionate about subverting genre expectations to memorable effect – using stylised drama often alongside visceral violence to create a nuanced depiction of these true life stories and characters.” In June 2016 Lionsgate released Adler’s Casual Encounters which was also released by Signature Entertainment in the UK: An irreverently funny, independent comedy about online dating starring Taran Killam, Brooklyn Decker and David Arquette.This was followed swiftly by Gravitas Ventures’ multiplatform October release of his thriller about a series of horrifying murders American Romance, starring John Savage, Daveigh Chase and Nolan Ferard Funk. Both more than live up to Adler’s early promise and signal him as a talent to watch. Interning and working in production companies from the age of 15, his early influences were David Fincher, Charlie Chaplin and Francis Ford Coppola.The Krays and the Mafia charts the story of the legendary East End twins’ hunt for vengeance after their thriving business empire is rocked when a brutal murder leads them to suspect notorious rival gang, The Richardson’s.American and British in nationality, Adler was born in New York but moved to London four years ago where he now lives with his wife, Mary Kerr.

I don't know, men don't try to generally pick me up. I think I must give off the "stay away from me" vibe. But I wish that I had had something that made me feel like an individual. But you don't have any confidence because you don't have a skill. We could only afford for one of us to get braces and my brother, because he was older, got braces and I didn't. I think we get to be a lot more colorful and playful in life with style and accessories (than guys). We still live in a time unfortunately where women are viewed differently than men..

"Grindhouse" babe Rosario Dawson hit up Teddy's with one of the film's faux-trailer directors, Eli Roth, on Friday and while both saved a paparazzo from crashing into an R2-D2 mailbox, they remained quiet when asked about the rumored on-set romance between Robert Rodriguez and Rose Mc Gowan. Chow was also a hotspot over the weekend, with rehab graduates Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis and Courtney Love stopping in (separately, relax!

), along with visits from will.and an autograph-gracious Anne Hathaway.

I'm also a very uncomfortable person and maybe it's because I play such confident, comfortable characters that everyone thinks I am that. I remember the best I felt was when I did gymnastics because no matter what, I was the gymnast. I just so badly wanted to fit in because I was picked on so much as a kid. Yeah, everyone kinda goes through that at some point. But we didn't have a lot of money, and my mom used to make all my clothes and it was so embarrassing and I always got hand-me-downs from my brother and that was only cool for so long. We preach about equality all the time, and I just don't feel like we're actually there yet in reality So there are moments where I wish I was a man because there are things men get to do.

DJ's character, Joe, deals with A LOT bullying and literal BS in this movie. I've never been forced to clean poop, except by my dog, Sidney, (laughs) but I was picked on in school up until about the 7th or 8th grade. Or not even they get to do, as it is how they're viewed that I envy.