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We know that dating involves lots of temptations, and we want you to be prepared for them. Clothe yourselves with honor, purity, accountability, and prayer! In eight powerful chapters, Don't Date Naked e Book Edition will.

This workbook is your chance to be proactive about dating as a couple or in an accountability group.

With 40 pages of content in 9 chapters, it’s quick to read and digest.

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Never is a language barrier more apparent - or embarrassing - than in a dating situation.

Avoid the awkward silences by reading the EF English Live free guide English Phrases Dating and complete the Dating in English Quizzes and prepare for the conversation to flow.

Divided into five sections, our free e Book gives you all the English phrases and words you’ll need to ask someone out on a date, call the restaurant to book a table, essential phrases for arriving and ordering with the proper etiquette, some conversation ideas and, finally, the key phrases you’ll need to end the date on the right note.

Dating an English speaker can be one of the most enriching and inspiring ways to gain confidence with the language.