Fractionation what is dating

Similar techniques are the Rising Sun, Death Pattern and the infamous October Man Sequence.Derek Rake himself developed a tweaked version of the technique called the Fractionation Formula.

The truth about negging women Actually, if someone can’t laugh at themselves a little, or be challenged in any way, that probably speaks more about their level of insecurity than if they were to laugh or exclaim in reaction to a neg.

Fractionation is deeply rooted in hypnosis, persuasion and psychology.

In fact, a major chunk of Neuro Linguistic Programming (or better known as NLP) is said to be rooted in this technique.

I remember a comedian—Joe Rogan—saying something like, “You know that I consider you a good friend if I make fun of you.” So think of negging as the Ying to the Yang in playful banter.

Negging women the right way – With all the right negging examples If your aim is emotional domination or manipulation, then you’re way off my friend. As you’re talking to a girl, imagine you’re the doctor and she’s your patient.