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As this journey begins, it’s very important to Alex you don’t forget she shared a very special connection with her grandmother. Claire, ready to be there for Phil, gets shafted as Phil embraces his beloved neck pillow.

Gloria arrives in distress — she once lived in Florida and has history adjacent to a certain illegal brothel known as Quick & Easy.

Katrina, who lives about 45 minutes away, talked to her mom daily. She'd been stressed about the new roof she'd hired her grandson Anthony Sena, Vanessa's son, to put on. Wednesday, July 28, 2015, Katrina called her mother, who did not pick up. "I closed up my house and drove down to Pueblo." When Katrina arrived at her mother's house, she was greeted by clouds of smoke. Katrina immediately makes a gut-wrenching call to 911 to report the fire and the appearance of a break-in.

She goes outside, but the intense need to find her mom pulls her back in. Investigators would soon learn she had sustained obvious trauma to the back of her head. "She had a large hole to the back of her head," said Det. "She had been struck multiple times and we knew that because of the cast off and the blood splatter at the scene.

Even though me and her were basically the same age, she always made sure I had a couple dollars in my pocket and clothes on my back—and that was before we even had a child.

I never really shouted her out like that, so I just wanted to give her a shout out. I lived with her my whole high school, from 9th grade to 12th grade. She took care of me during my teenage years before I went away to college, so shout her out." Grandpa Jerry: "That was my grandfather, which was [Gradmama Dot's] husband.

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For Susan Hernandez, 77, her family was everything.

"She raised seven children," said daughter Katrina Livecchi. We were her world." "She was a beautiful person and a wonderful mother, a wonderful grandmother," said daughter Brenda Lovato.