Is anna wintour still dating shelby bryan

As befitting the broad-minded Jagger household, the baby shower was thrown by Jerry Hall, the Texan model widely considered responsible for breaking up Jade’s parents, Mick and Bianca Jagger, in the Seventies.

Now television producer Bee — whose father, child psychiatrist David Shaffer, divorced Wintour in 1999 after rumours of her adultery with Texan tycoon Shelby Bryan — has taken to social media to prove her claim.

The 22-year-old straight-A student is reading history at St Catherine's College, Oxford and is said to be a close friend of Princess Beatrice, who attended Lydia's 18th birthday bash at one of her father's hotels.

Bee disclosed that her mother — whose success in the cut-throat world of fashion has earned her the nicknames the Ice Queen and Nuclear Wintour — threw out the family Christmas tree last year before December 25 because it was ‘too messy’.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Albert Finney and Stephen Fry celebrated the life of actor Peter O’Toole at the Old Vic yesterday.

So Prince Harry and his girlfriend of three years Chelsy Davy have split amid rumours of her being terrified of being 'pigeonholed as a princess'.

But plenty of other eligible - and not so eligible - young women are desperate for that very title. LADY ELOISE ANSONAs the daughter of acclaimed royal photographer Lord Lichfield, socialite and model Eloise is friends with both princes as well as a host of fashionistas.