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Karen's from Venezuela, I'm from Grimsby and we met in New York.When we got together, I think a lot of people thought that it would probably never work.and either he grabs your balls and starts squeezing them or you grab his and started squeezing? Every time something bad happened to our teams she would squeeze. If you knew were that spot is and poked it with one of your fingers as you were squeezing it, you would be causing a boy the most devastating pain to his balls a squeeze has ever...

The user can then customize the appearance of the profile page with various colors, fonts, skins and add-ons, such as mp3 players.

Karen explained: "The tour is something we have always thought about doing since we met. It's something that sits very close to our hearts.

I give my hubby's balls lots of attention every day. One day she was going on vacation with her family and cousins. He looked at her packing and said, "you packed well". I've been fortunate enough to have had girlfriends who were very open to the idea and even got off on it.

Don't know how I got into ballbusting, but I'm really into it.

The man got in her face and she kinda backed down and finally said get out of my face or else.