Stanley 220 block plane dating

Includes very tattered instructions extra nickers in envelope screwdriver.6303-024 STANLEY No. Type 14 with sweetheart mark on skate complete set of cutters in original wooden boxes with intact labels. 5 and in fact this one has a Stanley vee logo cutter good clean overall condition grey japanning about 60prct surface rust on cutter good tote and knob.6303-050 CRAFTSMAN 8C corrugated sole jointer plane. 3 -12-003- on cutter brown japanning and lacquered tote very good condition with only faint traces of surface rust user name scratched on cheek.6303-079 Lot of two STANLEY later model block planes. 60 1-2 low angle block plane notched rectangle mark on cutter japanning worn but decent overall shape. 9 1-2 blue and red japanning and notched rectangle mark good overall condition.6303-080 Lot of two STANLEY No. Type 6 with large J type trademark on cutter japanning 30prct complete with good cutter.All other parts present some minor nickel flaking otherwise in very clean condition pasteboard box is tattered but intact one end is detached but included.6303-030 STANLEY BED ROCK No. Flat sides sweetheart mark on cutter and notched rectangle on lever cap japanning 70prct small chips from edge of tote otherwise good overall condition.6303-034 STEERS patent jointer plane. Knob is black painted rather than rosewood good clean overall condition.6303-049 VAUGHN and BUSHNELL No. With a good blue Craftsman logo on the lever cap and stamped on cutter slight loss of japanning at the toe and light dinging on tote and knob but overall nice example of the Craftsman line.6303-057 STANLEY late model No. Plus later version with notched rectangle mark on cutter pressed steel knob dark blue japanning.6303-082 Lot of three unmarked block planes.

With a vast customer base all over the world, e Bay is a great place to find that elusive Record hand plane or spokeshave that you've always been looking for.12 missing cutter rear knob replaced with a wingnut.japanning about 70prct surface rust.6303-013 STANLEY NO. Super clean includes the usually missing brass collars and two of the extra depth stops -three total- one 7-8in cutter with notched rectangle mark.6303-023 CRAFTSMAN No. Includes full set of cutters in canvas roll both sets of rods and three depth stops minor dinging to tote and knob and very slight nickel loss otherwise in excellent condition in wooden box with sliding lid.Any item may be returned, in the same condition as it was received, within 7 days of receipt, for a refund. Please contact me by Email or phone for return authorization.