Tim ferriss dating

Use TSA Precheck and Global Entry to evade the sock-footed Forced March of Doom, but arrive ludicrously early anyway and spend a few hours working in the airport lounge to avoid unnecessary stress. I have followed approximately zero percent of this program when I arrive bleary-eyed and a few minutes late at a Santa Monica steakhouse for an audience with the superman of self-improvement.

Fortunately, as he rises to greet me -- clad in a reddish V-neck T-shirt and blue sweatpants by Rhone (a sponsor of his podcast) and a pair of flip-flops by Havaianas (not a sponsor) -- it’s clear he’s in good enough shape for both of us.

Having just come from a photo shoot, he’s lugging a giant gym bag and a backpack, which he admits make him feel a little like Bruce Banner -- better known as the Incredible Hulk, one of his preschool idols. His first, The Tim Ferriss Experiment, featured the host striving to master a new field every week (parkour, tactical shooting, rally car driving, speaking Tagalog, drumming, etc.).

The wildly successful author, podcaster, blogger, tango master and angel investor offers me a firm handshake and a ready smile.

To avoid jet lag, book your flight on a Dreamliner if at all possible. Pop one gram of vitamin C every hour and lysine every few hours for the duration of your trip.

Newer aircraft have improved pressure systems, which means the altitude takes less of a toll. If you must check baggage containing expensive equipment, consider packing a starter pistol as well and register it at check-in so the airline authorities are extra attentive to your stuff and won’t misplace it. And at your soonest opportunity after arriving on terra firma, hop on a stationary bike for 10 minutes of vigorous pedaling.

Not only will a native English speaker communicate without a language barrier, but they typically understand American dating culture.

An interesting tidbit is that some of these contractors sent me their resumes with their proposals!