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And as innovation in the address book space has stagnated among the big players, that’s left room for startups to come in and try to fix the problem.For example, late last year a company called Addappt launched a similar app to Cobook, also with a heavy focus on the auto-updating functionality.If you activate the Address by Effective Date constant in the Address Book Constants program (P0000), you must run the Effective Address Update program (R01840) periodically to ensure that the system is using the current date when you send correspondence, billing, payments, and other mailings.Address book records are not updated with new addresses unless you run this program.Alternatively, if you really don’t think you have any interest in keeping in touch and if you wouldn’t take the time to write that contact info down in your physical, bound-paper address book, they definitely shouldn’t be in your online one.When you go to add your contacts to an online service like Facebook, it helps if they’re organized and up-to-date. Organizing your contacts is easy, since many web-based emails have sections for nicknames or category listings.From now on only addresses present in your Address Book (and optionally in LDAP if configured) will be auto-completed.Previous Recipients which are not present in your Address Book will not be auto-completed.

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Sure, you never know when you’re going to need to contact that person you met three years ago in the mall, you know, the one that worked for that company that you keep trying to sell to, or buy from, or work for.

To update many addresses simultaneously, use the Effective Address Update program (R01840) or the Global Category Code Update program (R01490).

To purge information, use the Purge Address Book Records program (R01800P).

You can use a date other than the current date to ensure that addresses are in effect for the day that you mail correspondence instead of the day that the addresses were generated.

After you enter address book records, you might need to change category code information.