Updating to lenny from etch

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As of June 2016, Dream Host upgraded VPS servers running Debian Etch, Lenny, or Squeeze to Ubuntu for any NON-Admin users.

Additionally, any sites running PHP versions 5.4 or lower were upgraded to PHP 5.6.

Failed to fetch Not Found Failed to fetch Not Found [IP: 1.6 80] Failed to fetch Not Found As I look into I don't see any information regarding archives.

updating to lenny from etch-42

*update by Richard (23rd Dec 07) I think Chris (above) is right, go through the fun_plug and type in the commands by hand. *Daniel (26 Oct 08) with FFP 0.3 it is neccessary to change the fun_plug listed at the bottom of this page to reference folder fun_plug.d/bin whenever lnx_bin occurs, and replace “busybox3” with “busybox” *update by Paul (18 Apr 08) This all seems much simpler with 1.04. # check remaining dpkg errors if any *update by Richard (23rd Dec 07) I had to delete /var/mail to get base_files to install properly *update by Michael (20th June 08) I had to delete /var/mail in sarge. # Edit your /etc/so that the system can find the Debian servers: See this sample # (for ETCH from link above) Edit your (create new) /etc/apt/so that the system can download needed updates: *Add by Vladimir Kovtun (18th Dec 08), tested well.

To upgrade deb squeeze main deb-src squeeze main deb squeeze/updates main deb-src squeeze/updates main # squeeze-updates, previously known as 'volatile' deb squeeze-updates main deb-src squeeze-updates main # Other - Adding the lsb source for security updates deb squeeze-lts main contrib non-free deb-src squeeze-lts main contrib non-free option didn't work, you'll need to recompile the bash from sources. I haven't got any Squeeze machines, but one can easily figure out what to do.

The solution from Ta NNko ST I've found on the net: Check the number of patches available and change the number in the "(seq" part if there are new ones.

The following are code examples you may see in the file: Your custom Python installations and Ruby installations could result in errors due to outdated gems/eggs.

To fix, Dream Host recommends reinstalling the custom Python/Ruby installations (and/or gems/eggs).